If you are looking for a dynamic and enthusiastic company that is sales driven, has proven superior negotiation skills and adds value beyond any success fees we charge, then we are your firm.  The numbers in your P&L are what they are:  Rental Business Advisors maximizes VALUE for our clients by not just being "black and white" but we also add "color" to the transaction and to the value of your enterprise.  We know first-hand how acquirers look at numbers.  Fred once was the M&A executive of a publicly traded company buying privately held companies just like yours!   Our job is to position our clients properly and help acquirers understand not only the current value of your business but its intrinsic and future value.  There is an "art" to the deal and Rental Business Advisors brings this to the table.  We consider ourselves "stakeholders" in each client we represent and bring that passion to qualified buyers.

Rental Business Advisors will always be straightforward, honest and fair and will have your best interests in mind.  We won't sweep any issues "under the rug."   We will identify certain aspects of your business that will be particularly scrutinized by buyers and will have solutions to address those issues.

Rental Business Advisors are extremely proficient with all tangible, intangible and financial aspects of rental companies, and we fully analyze the business in its totality to reach maximum value for our clients to satisfy their needs.  In today's market, you need proper positioning from a sales and marketing standpoint to sell your business for top dollar!

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