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Fred Hageman and his firm, Rental Business Advisors, believes in honesty, integrity, hard work and straightforwardness.  We team up with rental company owners who also believe in these principles and act and perform as if we are members of your family or stakeholders in your business when we represent a company for sale.  
Read below regarding what Fred’s and Rental Business Advisors' clients and other professionals within the rental industry have to say about his knowledge, successes, dedication, services and abilities.   We welcome any further reference requests!


"After a lifetime of running a rental business, it was finally time to sell and find the right buyer.  Fred brought several potential buyers to the table and Herc was the best fit for the business, our customers and our employees.  We’ve known Fred Hageman for over 25 years and we couldn’t be more pleased with his professionalism, knowledge, integrity and results. We highly recommend Rental Business Advisors to any equipment rental company looking to sell their business for top dollar.”
---Dennis Wells, majority owner of Quality Equipment Rentals (December 2023)


“We brought in Fred Hageman of Rental Business Advisors to advise us and handle the entire process and we thank him for getting the deal done in a professional manner. We highly recommend his services.”
---Trey Martin, co-owner of Florida Rental Equipment, acquired by Empower Rental Group (October 2023)


“We’ve been in business for 33 years and the decision to sell was a difficult one. We are happy to have sold to CE Rentals and Dubin Clark as it was a natural fit for us to do so. I’d like to thank Fred Hageman of Rental Business Advisors for his handling of the entire process and for closing the deal. We are very happy.”
---Barbi Richardson, owner of Sugarplum (July 2023)


“I’d like to thank Fred Hageman of Rental Business Advisors for his handling of the entire process and getting our deal done with Sunbelt,” said Huber. “Fred spearheaded our deal in 2007 when we purchased the business from our parents and came through again for us 15 years later.”
---Alan Huber, co-owner of Elms (June 2023)

“Our family has been in business since 1968, and the decision to sell was a difficult one. Selling to Sunbelt was a natural fit for us and made the most sense to our family. I’d like to thank Fred Hageman of Rental Business Advisors for his handling of the entire process and making this deal possible. He not only sold our business, he sold the real estate as well in a separate transaction”
---Bonnie Lantz, vice president and second-generation owner of Double D Rentals (June 2023)


We weren’t for sale when this opportunity arose, but after careful consideration it was the best move for me, my family and for R&R. We are very pleased to have sold to Sunbelt as it’s a good fit for our employees and customers alike. I’d like to thank Fred Hageman of Rental Business Advisors for his dedication and hard work and getting our deal done with Sunbelt,”
---Troy Roper, owner, R&R Rentals (June 2023)


“We are thrilled to have sold our business to an independent and Troy has a proven track record of growing rental companies. It’s a great fit and I’m confident they can take what we’ve built and grow it from here. I’d also like to thank Fred Hageman of Rental Business Advisors all that he did and making this deal possible. He brought us several buyers.”
---Wes Thompson, owner and operator of A-1 Rental (May 2023)


“We’ve been looking for other equipment rental opportunities in adjacent states and when Fred brought this to us, it was just what we were searching for,” said Troy Roper. “We look forward to growing this outstanding business that Wes built. I’ve now sold a business using Rental Business Advisors as my representative and purchased one though them. Any party dealing with Fred and his firm are in good hands.”
---Troy Roper, Acquirer of A-1 Rentals, owner R&R Group Idaho, LLC


"When  the time was right to sell our boutique furniture event rental business, I knew I needed a firm that specialized and understood the rental business in and out.  Insert Fred and Rental Business Advisors! He was such a wealth of knowledge and so helpful throughout the entire process and I truly felt he was always in my corner and on my side through the entire process from start to finish. He went beyond the call of duty and without him, we would have been completely lost throughout the entire process."

---Samantha Mason, Owner, Old South Collection, LLC., March 2022


"I've known Fred since 1998 when he approached me to buy my business when he was an M&A executive with a public rental company.  In 2000 when he formed his own M&A consulting firm, he kept in touch with me then and every year since!  Another rental industry "firm" valued my business along the way, and then I hired Fred once I was ready to sell.  Fred got 40% more for my business than what the other "firm" said it was worth, just as he said he would!  His sales approach and handling of every aspect of the transaction was first class, and he brought multiple potential buyers to the table. He also sold my land and facilities. I can attest he is the best at what he does.  I highly recommend his sales approach and services to any rental company owner in the industry!"  

--John Olson, President of Gold-N-Green Rentals, Inc., located in Grass Valley, CA.  The Company was sold to Rental Guys, Inc.


 "I want to personally thank Fred Hageman for his handling of the deal.  He brought multiple qualified potential purchasers and his attention to every single detail made the deal possible for me, my family, my employees and my customers.  Without question he is the best intermediary in the rental industry.  I highly recommend his services to any seller no matter the size of their operation."

--David Costanzo, President, Western States Equipment Company, Inc. (Salt Lake City) regarding the sale of Western States to new industry player, Kingsbridge Holdings, LLC   


"It was a great pleasure to have the opportunity to literally “bump into” Fred Hageman at the RentaShow.  From the moment I shook his hand I knew he would be the right man to represent the sale of one of our subsidiaries, Max King Events in Orlando, Florida. 

Fred has a genuine knowledge and a true passion for the industry. This is drawn from his experience working his entire career in the rental industry and in many capacities throughout the country which makes him the perfect broker in a sales transaction. 
He did a great job for Max King Holding Company and I am confident he will do a great job for anyone else lucky enough to be represented by him." 
--Brett M. Kingstone, President/CEO, Max King Realty Holding Company, LLC 

"I will agree!  Fred you have been an incredible resource for us and negotiator to build a great relationship. Your expertise helped to close a deal of which we are grateful.  Without you representing the deal, it wouldn't have happened.  You really worked for all sides to make this transaction a reality.   I've had a great time getting to know  you and wish you all much success.   Fred I hope that you can handle any future business deals with us as well."   

---Randy Lowe, Lowe & Behold, Orlando, Florida,   Note:  Fred represented the Seller in the transaction.  Lowe & Behold was the Purchaser.


"Thank you Fred for all of your guidance, communication and hard work on the sale of our family business, Campbell Tent and Party Rentals.  You had our back the entire time and I really appreciated your attention to detail.  We feel you more than earned your fee helping promote the sale of our business and following through as we closed the deal. I would highly recommend you to any rental store owner that is looking to sell their business.  Thanks again."   --Peggy Campbell, owner, Campbell Tent and Party Rentals, Knoxville, TN


"Fred, you did a wonderful job and an amazing and comprehensive valuation on our company, with insights that were very meaningful for us.  Thank you again for all of your efforts and for going beyond the call of duty.  We really appreciate it." ----Argyle Sheets, MPE Rents


"Thank you, Fred, for the consulting work that you provided for our Company.  Your initial visit and consultation in 2015 resulted in us more than doubling our business.  With your last on-site visit, you added such valuable insight and knowledge and we are happy to have you as part of our 'team.'  Again, thank you and I would recommend your services to any size rental company in the industry." ---Nathan Crumley, M&R Rentals and Sales


"Fred, Bill and I want to thank you for all of your hard work, your dedication and especially for looking out for our best interests in Every aspect of the transaction.  We couldn't have done it without you.  Again, thank you and we would be happy to talk with any potential sellers about our positive experience and outcome regarding your Seller Representation Services."  ---Susie Richardson, Richardson Equipment Rentals, Glendale, CA.     Sold to Sunbelt Rentals


 "Fred, you found the right buyer for the business at an optimum price.  You went above and beyond my expecatations. You leased out my facilities on top of getting a great deal for me and my family and I'm thrilled with the job you did.  Again, thank you."--Craig Wilson in his sale to Sunbelt Rentals


 "Fred, your professionalism and expertise along with your communication skills throughout the process was exactly what both sides needed and allowed all parties to understand the complexities of the deal.  You exceeded all my expectations.  Without your services we would never have accomplished our desired results.  I highly recommend your services to anyone in the rental industry.  Your care and concern were exemplary and I thank you."--Ed Dobbs, President, AAA Rentals, Redwood City, CA. 


 "Fred, Once again I want to hammer home what a fabulous job and direction you provided for this transaction . I know at times it was difficult and challenging but at the end of the day we made it to the SUPERBOWL! Nice game! YOU are an MVP my friend."  --Mike Carter, owner of All American Rentals (Multi-location N. California based Equipment Rental Company) referencing the successful sale of his company to Heavy Equipment Rentals (owned by The Porter Group of New Zealand)  


 "Fred, I know you are putting a great deal of effort into getting a deal done and I truly appreciate your efforts and agree with all of your assessments.  Thanks again for all of your efforts and your great attitutude."  --Texas Oilfield Equipment Rental Owner


"Fred, your assistance, insight and knowledge truly helped me get this deal done with my partners.  I appreciate your efforts and hope to work with you in the future.  I would recommend your sale representation services to any aerial or equipment rental company.  You know how to get things done.  Thank you."--Todd Leiker, High Reach Equipment, LLC in his buyout of majority shareholders


"Dear Fred,  Thank You again for all of your help with the April 2014 issue of the ARA Advantage.  You provided excellent advice on succession planning!  I know our members will find this detailed information extremelely valuable.  Again, thanks to your expertise, we are providing information that really makes a difference to our members."  --Connie Lannan, ARA Marketing Manager  


 "Fred, after I read ARA's Advantage mailer in April, I knew Rental Acquisitions was the right firm to call for guidance.  Your Business Valuation was extremely helpful, professional and spot on.  Thank you for your insight."--2014 Chicagoland Aerial Rental Business Owner.


"You helped us so much in the sale of shares to my son.  Thank you for an honest approach and your knowledge of best practices will go to use immediately."  Oregon Client Valuation


"Fred, I want to thank you again for your patience and guidance in the Valuation and preparation for sale process.  Your business and accounting acumen really helped our bookkeeper and Outside CPA." --Valuation and Sale Client


"Fred, you really are an ambassador for the rental industry, and your suggestions for areas of improvement have greatly improved our profitability.  We will definitely call you when it is time to sell"-- Equipment Rental Owner/Operator--Los Angeles, CA.


"Every single rental owner should have attended your seminar.  Your experience, knowledge and contact base is amazing.  Thank you with providing us with very valuable insight!"-- The Special Event Convention Attendee via email


"Without your help, especially with the financial insight and preparation for selling the company, this deal would never have happened.  You handled the process extremely well."--CFO of Sale Client


"I can't even begin to express my gratitude for the last couple of days, and for all of the information you have already given us. I am so excited to hit the ground running with so many of the things we talked about. I can't wait to see the rest of your report!  Thank you so much for everything! I am really looking forward to the possibilities that lie ahead, and extremely excited to be working with you."-- Valuation and Consulting Services Client; Special Event Rental Company Owner


"Fred, I can't thank you enough.  With what you and Rental Acquisitions, LLC provided to me and my family, I can move forward from a difficult situation.  This exactly what I needed and so timely.  Thanks again."
- John,Owner of East Coast Party Rental Company- Business Valuation.


"Fred definitely earned his keep. He was a true team player and had our back through the entire process  as if he was a member of our family.  We've sold businesses before and recognize experience when we see it.  We recommend his services to those equipment operators that are looking to sell."
- Bill Clark, co-owner, Great Plains Rent-All, on their sale to Volvo Rents


“It was a pleasure working with you on this transaction, your efforts have been outstanding. We are excited about our business sale to United Rentals and you have been there for us through the whole process. I’m glad that we chose you to represent us in this transaction and look forward to working with you in the future.”
– J-Ray Simpson, shareholder, Portland U-Rent-It, Inc., Corpus Christi, Texas


“Hiring you was one of the best moves our company made in its 50 years of existence. Following Your Recommendations substantially increased the ultimate sale price of my business.”
– Former owner of RER Top 100 Rental Company (operational consulting client that later led to a business sale to Sunbelt Rentals; Fred Lead Negotiator).



“Fred worked extremely hard to get our deal done and the outcome was a success. I appreciate his efforts and would recommend his services to special event rental companies that are considering selling.”
– Lance York, majority shareholder of TriServe Party Rentals, New York, New York


“I firmly believe without his involvement in the Premiere transaction, we would have unknowingly left a considerable amount of money on the table. Hageman made sure I didn’t leave money on the table.”
– Dave Mathes, former owner of Premiere Party Rental, Austin, Texas


“Fred is knowledgeable, careful and thorough. The report we received was direct, specific and beyond my expectation. I recommend his services without qualification.”
– Owner of a 3-store rental operation (operational consulting client)


“We are very pleased with our decision of taking ownership in a rental business and even more with our choice of his Company. We could not have gotten it done without you.”
– Steve & Shiela Dietsch, owners of Anderson Rentals, Mission, Kansas


“He worked tirelessly to maximize the value of our transactions. We are very pleased with the work done for us by Fred and would highly recommend him to represent any seller in the rental industry.”
– Brian Smoker, former CFO of Stellar Events & Presentation Resources


“Your report was comprehensive and thorough. All of our partners felt the value was fair to all parties. Your knowledge of the rental industry was apparent throughout the report and appreciated by all.”

– Partner of a multi-location West Coast rental company (business valuation client)


“You earned your fee, plus some. We could not have done it without you. We, the Shareholders, will be forever grateful. Thanks for everything you did for us. Words can’t describe your efforts.”
– Don Bates, former President & Shareholder, Valley Rents, Roseville, California


“I have purchased four businesses through Fred. In each deal, Fred performed an excellent job representing the seller. He understands the buyer’s interests and worked hard to bring a deal to a successful conclusion. He is knowledgeable and helped streamline the process for both seller and buyer.”
– John Moran, Principal, 523 Capital, LLC


“Fred did a first rate job marketing and selling our business. His professionalism and attention to every detail made the process of selling our business a smooth transaction. I would recommend him to anyone thinking of selling their business.”
– Brian Vaughn, President, Capital Rentals, Inc. commenting on the sale of Capital’s party rental division


“I have worked with other investment bankers and brokers in the rental industry, but none have your source of contacts, your knowledge, ability or success rate. In my opinion, Fred's firm is the leading and most successful mergers and acquisitions firm in the rental industry.”
– Les Chayo, Attorney and General Counsel of the California Rental Association


“Buying or selling a rental business is no easy task. Fred Hageman just seems to get the job done!”
– Leon Kothmann, former Executive Director of the Texas Rental Association


“Our company has purchased several businesses from sellers represented by Fred. Throughout our experiences with them, his firm has shown themselves to be straightforward, thorough and insightful with respect to their financial analysis. He also brings with them a wealth of rental experience and knowledge, which certainly helps the purchasing process and reducing the legwork necessary in due diligence.”
– Michael Berman, Co-Owner, The Stuart Rental Company, Milpitas, California

“Your professional approach is proof that honesty and true client concern yield the results a seller like myself seeks.”

– Bill Claflin, former owner of Commercial Surroundings Rental, Nokomis, Florida


“We were very pleased with your report and felt your valuation was right on the mark. The report enabled my partner and I to transition the business to my son at a fair price. Your report also made some suggestions that allowed him to make some immediate improvements to the business.”
– Former owner of a two location rental company based in Texas (business valuation client)


“Our company made a decision to divest its North American operations, which consisted of numerous operations across the U.S. The company had many internal obstacles, making the regional divestitures difficult and challenging. These challenges were addressed and resolved expeditiously, thoroughly and professionally by Fred. The results and total success generated by the efforts of Fred were much appreciated and notably rewarding to all involved in the process. He got the job done and satisfied the financial expectations of the parent company.”
– Tim Campbell, former Executive of a National Rental Company


“Thank you for helping make this possible. I am convinced this acquisition (All-Star’s acquisition of National Rental) would not have happened without you.”
– Ken de Vries, owner of All-Star Rents, Vallejo, California


“Hageman has provided us with insight and understanding of a number of trends and developments within the rental industry. If I owned a rental company and needed advice or was looking for assistance to buy, sell or value a rental company, he would be the first person I would call.”
– Michael Roth, Editor in Chief, Rental Equipment Register Magazine


“Your professionalism and perseverance will always be appreciated. You went above and beyond to get this deal done. This transaction would not have been completed without your involvement.”
– Alan and Mark Huber, Principals, Elms Equipment Rental, Inc., Brawley, California


“His thorough knowledge of the rental industry has been invaluable as we sought to divest of several operating units. Having business partners like Fred that were familiar with how our business runs and operates was a key ingredient in the success we achieved.”
– Jeff Sangalis, former CEO of Stellar Events & Presentation Resources



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