If “Image is Everything” then it can also be “nothing.”  There has been a lot of discussion both in the past and especially recently regarding the image of rental companies—specifically independent rental companies.  But, it seems lost on so many.  How and why is this?

The following basic “image points” are not overly expensive to implement.  Not implementing the basic image points, however, can cost you a lot!  Following are just a few basic, yet very important image points to consider:

Delivery Vehicles/Trucks: The first thing many of your customers see is your delivery vehicle(s).  Why would you ever want to look substandard with the general public and your customer base?  Make sure your vehicles present at least a decent appearance with proper information on them.  Are there letters missing on the side of your box truck?  Does your stakebed truck look like it’s falling apart?  How about your logo?  Is it the new one or the old one on the truck?  Do the trucks in your fleet “match” each other with the writing on the sides or are there differences?  Too many times we see a delivery vehicle and wonder what the rental equipment looks like if their delivery vehicles present such a poor appearance.

Employees: Do they have uniforms or do they just wear whatever they choose?  Is there a personal appearance policy or code at your business or can your employees do what they wish with their appearance (including facial piercings).  The personal appearance of your employees is a component of customer service and perception.

Website: You do have a website, don’t you?  Your website is a huge window for your customers to view your business. It’s also the main form of advertising these days.  Just think what you’ve spent on Yellow Page advertising in the past.  Now, invest a fraction of that in your website.   The site must be professional, easy to navigate, and have all the basic information necessary to understand what you offer (we aren’t fans of posting rental rates online), where you are located, what your hours of operation are, how to contact the company, along with many other basic pieces of information.  If it needs updating, do it!  Look for our new updated site in a few weeks…

Facility and Signage: Even well run companies neglect their facilities (we are being specific only to the exterior here).  If your building needs painting, do it already!  If you have marquee signage, use it and change it frequently.  Are the company signs on your building in decent shape?  We see way too many rental companies that neglect the exterior of their facilities.  Just because you don’t “own” the facility but merely rent it is no excuse.  Perhaps your landlord will paint it on his dime.  Nevertheless, improve your image by taking care of the exterior of your facility.

Rental Equipment: We’ll be brief here:  Customers will treat the equipment in direct relation to how it looks.  Looks great—great care is taken.  If it is looks bad (ripped seat, peeling paint, rust, worn down tires, missing decals, etc.), then it will be treated poorly.

Look at your basic image points like a customer would and you might see your company in a much different light.